2015 Thomas McCormick Gallery                      “New Work”                                             Chicago, IL
2014 2001 Gallery                                               “Resonance”                                            Delaware, OH
         Stevenson Gallery                                      “Toxic Art”                                                Chilicothe, OH
2013 Richard M. Ross Art Museum                    “Luminous”                                               Delaware, OH
         Kathryn Markel Fine Arts                           “emanate”                                                Bridgehampton, NY
         Thomas McCormick Gallery                      “arborescent”                                          Chicago, IL
2011  OUSC Gallery                                             “Unified Theory”                                      Ironton, OH
2010  Thomas McCormick Gallery                     “current”                                                   Chicago, IL
2008 Thomas McCormick Gallery                     “Harbinger”                                              Chicago, IL
2005 Thomas McCormick Gallery                     “Parts of a Whole”                                   Chicago, IL
2004 Thomas McCormick Gallery                     “Athens Redux”                                        Chicago, IL
2003 Elmhurst Art Museum                               “Skin Deep”                                              Elmhurst, IL
2002 Elliot Smith Contemporary                       “Fabrication”                                             St. Louis, MO
2001  Thomas McCormick Gallery                     “Unmedicated”                                         Chicago, IL
          Elliot Smith Contemporary                        “Tiny Secrets”                                           St. Louis, MO
2000 Union League Club Gallery                      “Alta Vista”                                                 Chicago, IL
1999  Thomas McCormick Gallery                     “New Work”                                               Chicago, IL


2014  Manifest Gallery                                       “International Drawing Annual”               Cincinnati, OH
          Dairy Barn Arts Center                              “Athens Paints”                                         Athens, OH
          Kennedy Museum of Art                           “Faculty Exhibition”                                  Athens, OH
          Dairy Barn Arts Center                              “Athens on paper”                                    Athens, OH
          Greer Museum                                           “OU Painting Faculty”                              Rio Grande, OH
2013  New Artist Fair London                              with Broomstreet Gallery NYC                London, UK
          Athens Public Library                                “New Works”                                            Athens, OH
          Artist Relief Project                                    “Sandy Relief”                                          Online
2012  Affordable Art Fair Singapore                  with Broomstreet Gallery   NYC              Singapore
          Openhouse Gallery                                   “Big Lobby art”                                         NYC, NY
          Highland Park The Art Center                  “Fresh Abstraction”                                  Highland Park, IL
          Ritz-Carlton                                                “Ultra Luxury”                                            Chicago, IL
          Kennedy Museum of Art                           “Faculty Exhibition”                                  Athens, OH
2011   Dairy Barn Arts Center                             “pArt and Parcel”                                      Athens, OH
          Thomas McCormick Gallery                     “Art Chicago”                                            Chicago, IL
                   (also in 2010, 2009, 2008, 2007, 2006, 2005, 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000, 1999, 1998)
2010  Thomas McCormick Gallery                     “Art Miami”                                                Miami, FL
                   (also in 2009, 2008, 2007)
2009  Thomas McCormick Gallery                    “Dirty Dozen”                                            Chicago, IL
            Sandra Small Gallery                               “Narrative Figuration”                              Cincinnati, OH
2008   Sandra Small Gallery                               “Theatrical Figuration”                             Cincinnati, OH
            Manifest Gallery                                       “International Drawing Annual”               Cincinnati, OH
            Kennedy Museum                                    “Faculty Exhibition”                                  Athens, OH
            Thomas McCormick Gallery                    “Gallery Selections”                                 Chicago, IL
            Manifest Gallery                                        “Body of Work”                                        Cincinnati, OH
2007   Elmhurst Museum                                     “From Concept to Collection”                 Elmhurst, IL
            Flint Institute of Arts                                  “The Art of Collecting”                            Flint, MI
            Xavier University Art Gallery                    “National Juried Exhibition”                    Cincinnati, OH
2006   Union League Club Gallery                      “Third Floor Gallery’s Greatest Hits”      Chicago, IL
            Gallery V                                                   “Au Revoir”                                                Columbus, OH
            Signs of Life Gallery                                 “Views of the Heartland”                         Lawrence, KS
            Majestic Gallery                                        “OU Faculty Choice”                                Nelsonville, OH
            Kennedy Museum                                     “Faculty Exhibition”                                  Athens, OH
2005   Gallery V                                                    “Confluence”(two person show)             Columbus, OH
            Tristan Gallery                                            “Summer Show”                                       Provincetown, MA
            Signs of Life Gallery                                   “Poetry and Art”                                       Lawrence, KS
            Kathryn Markel Fine Arts                           “The Elusive Landscape”                         New York City, NY
            Kathryn Markel Fine Arts                           “San Francisco Int’l Art Expo”                  San Francisco, CA
            Thomas McCormick Gallery                      “San Francisco Int’l Art Expo”                  San Francisco, CA
                     (also in 2004, 2003, 2002, 2001, 2000)
             Kathryn Markel Fine Arts                           “Art LA”                                                      Los Angeles, CA
             Kathryn Markel Fine Arts                           “Art Chicago: Art in the Park”                   Chicago, IL
2004    Kennedy Museum                                      “Faculty Exhibition”                                   Athens, OH
             Seigfred Gallery                                          “New Visions Exhibition”                          Athens, OH
             Elliot Smith Contemporary                         “20th Anniversary Show”                         St. Louis, MO
2003    Contemporary Museum of Art                   “Escape from the Vault”                           Honolulu, HI
             David King & Associates                            “Artful Investing”                                        Lawrence, KS
                       (also in 2002, 2001, 2000)
2002    Elliot Smith Contemporary                         “Visions of Nature”                                   St. Louis, MO
             Elliot Smith Contemporary                         “Group Exhibition”                                    St. Louis, MO
2001     Lyons-Weir Gallery                                     “Snow-Globe Invitational”                         Chicago, IL
             Mary & Leigh Block Museum of Art           “Artists/Alumni”                                         Evanston, IL
             Elliot Smith Contemporary                         “The Forest and the Trees”                      St. Louis, MO
2000    North Park Gallery                                      “Shake the Coat Exhibition”                     Chicago, IL
             Des Lee Gallery                                           “Faculty Exhibition”                                   St. Louis, MO
             Des Lee Gallery                                           “Landscape Show”                                    St. Louis, MO
1999     Mitchell Museum                                         “Faculty Exhibition”                                   Mt. Vernon, IL
             Steinberg Gallery                                         “Faculty Exhibition”                                  St. Louis, MO
1997     Northwestern Settlement House                “Alumni Exhibition”                                  Chicago, IL
             Fine Art Gallery                                            “Colfax Group Exhibition”                       Chicago, IL
             Union League Club Gallery                         “Visual Arts Exhibition”                           Chicago, IL
             Wood Street Gallery                                     “Colfax Group Exhibition”                       Chicago, IL
             Dittmar Gallery                                              “MFA Thesis Exhibition”                          Evanston, IL
             Newark Art Gallery                                       “Road Art Show”                                      Newark, OH
             Dittmar Gallery                                             “Graduate Exhibition” (also 1996)           Evanston, IL
1995     Mongerson Wunderlich                               “Art Chicago” (also 1994)                         Chicago, IL
1994     Mongerson Wunderlich                               “Kansas Realist Show”                             Chicago, IL


2008- present   “Planet Panorama I - II“ (with Drs. Sharma and Statler)

NASA Goddard Visitor’s Center                                                                   Greenbelt, MD
Ottawa Centre of the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada                   Ottawa, CANADA   
Science Center and Planetarium                                                                 University of Wollongong, AUSTRALIA
Bishop Museum                                                                                             Honolulu, HI
Discovery Center for Science and Technology                                           Davis, CA
Connecticut Science Center                                                                         Hartford, CT
Buffalo Museum of Science                                                                          Buffalo, NY
Da Vinci Center                                                                                              Allentown, PA
Bradbury Science Museum                                                                           Los Alamos, NM
Science Factory Children’s Museum and Planetarium                                Eugene, OR
Morehead Planetarium and Science Center                                                Chapel Hill, NC
Science Center of Iowa                                                                                  Des Moines, IA
Saint Louis Science Center                                                                            St. Louis, MO
Imaginarium of Nevada County                                                                     Nevada County, CA
Headwaters Science Center                                                                          Bemidji, MN
Sidekurn Planetarium                                                                                     Nashville, TN
Science Center                                                                                               Ithaca, NY
Gheens Science Hall & Rauch Planetarium                                                  Louisville, KY
Indiana State Science Fair                                                                             Indianapolis, IN

2008   AAS/ASP Annual Convention    “Scale” (with Aspect Collective)                        St. Louis, MO

2007    Kennedy Museum of Art            “Scale” (with Aspect Collective)                        Athens, OH
             Seigfred Gallery                          “Rest” (with Stacy Asher)                                   Athens, OH
             Athens Public Library                 “Planet Panorama” (with Sharma and Statler)  Athens, OH  


1997     MFA        Painting         Northwestern University                                                  Evanston, IL
1994     BFA        Painting          University of Kansas (Highest Distinction)                     Lawrence, KS
1988     AOS        Illustration      Pratt Institute                                                                   New York, NY


Museum of Contemporary Art, Honolulu, HI
Mitchell Museum, Cedarhurst, IL
The Elmhurst Museum, Elmhurst, IL
Columbus Science Center, Columbus, OH
Citizens Bank, Boston, MA
Accenture Health, Chicago, IL
Rome Blanc, LLC
Twin Farms Inn, Barnard, VT
Calibre, IL
Hilton Corporation, TN
Emprise Bank, KS
Northwestern University College, Chicago, IL
Union League Club of Chicago, Chicago, IL
Thomas Blackman & Associates, Chicago, IL
KCR Partnership, Columbus, OH
Aramark, Chicago, IL


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1998   Gallery Catalogue      Thomas McCormick Works of Art    Spring
1997    ARTFORUM               Announcement: Colfax Group Exhibition       May
1989   Children’s Book          I wouldn’t be scared, John Sabraw Orchard Books
                                                     also translated in Japanese by Tuttle Mori Agency 1990


 2014     Artist Lecture       Wexner Center (online), Columbus, OH
              Artist Lecture       Sagan National Colloquium on Water, Ohio Wesleyan University
              Artist Lecture       Dairy Barn, Athens, OH
              Artist Workshop   COSI –  Toxic Art, Columbus, OH
2013      Artist Workshop   COSI – Chemistry Day, Columbus, OH
              Artist Lecture       Sagan National Colloquium on Climate Change
              Artist Lecture       Science Café “Why Artists and Scientist Should Get Together” OU
2011       Artist Lecture       Art and Sustainability, OUSC Gallery, Ironton, OH
              Visiting Artist        University of Notre Dame, Notre Dame, IN
2009     Presenter             Greening of the Campus VIII KEEP Project on Sustainability in the Curriculum
              Artist in Residence   East Elementary, Funded by Ohio Arts Council Grant, Dairy Barn Arts Center
2008     Presenter             KEEP Project on Sustainability, Ohio EPA and Faculty Session, OU
              Panelist                 AAS/ASP Symposium Workshop: Capturing Public Interest in Astronomy through
                                             Art & Music, St. Louis, MO. (Fellow Panelists: Dr. Frank Summers, Space Telescope
                                             Institute, Dr. Jose Salgado, Adler Planetarium, Dr. Mangala Sharma and
                                             Dr. Thomas Statler, Ohio University Astrophysical Institute)

              Visiting Artist       University of Kansas, Lawrence, KS
2007     Juror                    “China through your eyes” International Juried Exhibition
              Artist Workshop & Lecture       Kennedy Museum of Art, Athens, OH
              Artist Lecture      School of Theatre Ohio University, Athens, OH
              Visiting Artist Lecture       Merimac College, St. Louis, MO

              Artist Lecture       The Aesthetic Technologies Lab, Ohio University, Athens, OH
2006     Visiting Artist      University of Hawaii at Manoa, HI
              Gallery Talk         Signs of Life Gallery Lawrence, KS
2005     Juror                   All Ohio Arts Show OSU Mansfield, OH
              Regional Juror    Ohio Governor’s Youth Arts Awards, Columbus, OH
              Artist Lecture      Kennedy Museum of Art, Athens, OH
2004     Visiting Artist      Northern Illinois University, Dekalb, IL
              Artist Lecture      Kennedy Museum of Art, Athens, OH
2003     Artist Lecture      Elmhurst Museum, Elmhurst, IL
              Visiting Artist       Ohio University, Athens, OH
              Visiting Artist       Webster University, St. Louis, MO
2002     Guest Juror         Eastern Illinois University, Charleston, IL
2001      Visiting Artist      Fontbonne College, St. Louis, MO
              Visiting Artist      Ethical Society, St. Louis, MO
2000     Panelist               North Park University, Chicago, IL
1999      Artist Lecture     Washington University, St. Louis, MO
1995      Artist Workshop  Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL
              Artist Workshop   Jones Residential College Northwestern University, Evanston, IL
              Artist Workshop   The Anne Ponce Studio, Evanston, IL
1993      Visiting Artist        Writers and Artists Conference, Lawrence, KS
1990      Artist Workshop   Impact NYC: Homeless Youth Project, NYC, NY


 2014-Present           Professor of Art , Chair of Painting+Drawing      Ohio University School of Art, Athens, OH


2007-2014                Associate Professor of Art                  Ohio University School of Art, Athens, OH          

2003-2007                Assistant Professor of Art                  Ohio University School of Art, Athens, OH

2005-2007                Foundations Coordinator                   Ohio University School of Art, Athens, OH

2000-2003                Assistant Professor of Art                  Washington University School of Art, St. Louis, MO

1999-2000                 Full time Lecturer                               Washington University School of Art, St. Louis, MO

1996-1997                  Instructor                                             Northwestern University College, Evanston, IL

1996-1997                  Teaching Assistant                             Northwestern University, Evanston, IL